Connection. Community. Capacity.

navigating life - together.

Connections Family Resource Center empowers families, institutions, and agencies with training, coaching, and advocacy to foster strong, thriving relationships and communities.

Provide a safe & stable parenting environment for you & your children.

Programs supporting family guardians when parents are unable or unavailable.

From parenting to anger management, we offer supportive and engaging classes.

Intervention Courses

Classes for compliance & coming together

Mandated Anger Management

If you've been ordered to take an anger management course, we can help.

Parenting Education

Co-parenting, blended, kinship, engaging non-custodial parents - for every flavor of family.


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You don't have to deal with it alone.‚Äč

You’ve got support to help you make it through, even if it seems impossible right now. Start by taking the first step.