Dad’s on Duty -Fatherhood Program


Dad’s on Duty fatherhood program engages men by applying a skill-based structure of healthy relationships and responsible fathering tools to become more engaged, better understand the critical role of the father, provide fathers with tools to evade violent and controlling behavior, inspire positive role modeling and responsible fathering to keep women and children safe in healthy communities that thrive.

Additionally, the Dad’s on Duty program includes teaching non-custodial fathers how to meaningfully rebuild and sustain healthy relationships with children while at the same time work to foster social connections to successfully transition to a co-parent or re-entry into the family and community.


  • Is learner-centered and culturally appropriate
  • Utilizes social learning theory to teach cooperation and problem-solving in the context of learning parenting skills
  • Works to help families promote healthy child adjustment, prevent the challenging behavior, and interrupt the cycle of intergenerational criminality
  • Intentionally supports families in developing and refining social interactional and responsibility skill sets to guide children toward becoming positive, constructive adults.

Support us and get involved in your community to help prevent violence against women and children.